It’s finally my turn to talk about Weekend Quilting, Jemima‘s first book.

Bring your cup of tea over and take a seat. 😉

When it comes to quilts, I am always like a preschooler peeking through a 1st grader’s classroom. What they are learning seems so cool, so hard and I want to grow up to be in that class.

Just like that, Quilting seems like the big leagues.

I was so happy when I received Weekend Quilting. Jemima, my big sister showed me the ropes.

By the way, Are you older than me Jemima? 😉


The very first lesson I learned at a little quilt shop near my house 20 years ago was a nine patch. That’s when I first learned the basics.

My quilt teacher taught me how to make a pincushion using hand stitched nine patches. So for me, nine patches are for a pincushion.

Jemima tought me I can make a big cushion, mini quilt and other huge proejcts!


To show her that I am a smart student, I wanted to add some thread drawing on my white canvas.

I took the motifs from her Blooms Mini Quilt. I think this design can be used on any projects by resizing or just changing the little things..


And ta-da! I love how Nine patch and Bloom mini quilt look together in one project.


Do you think I can be a second grader now? 😉 I am very confident because I have her book!


“Can I have it now?”

Claire was patiently waiting for mama to take pictures and asked me with big smile.

She loves her new pillow and her happy face makes me want to flip through the book again and has got me thinking about what’s next?




I used Arbor Blossom , Nadra Ridgeway‘s newest collection for Riley Blake Designs.

Go grab your copy of Weekend Quilting and sew something on your free weekend.

Check out each stops along the Weekend Quilting Book Showcase for your next project inspirations.

Mon 29th May             Lisa Cox – A Spoonful of Sugar Designs
Tues 30th May            Robyn Shapiro – The Strawberry Thief
Wed 31st May             Melissa LeRay – Oh How Sweet
Thurs 1st June           Emily Dennis – Quilty Love
Fri 2nd June                Samantha Dorn – Aqua Paisley Studios
Mon 5th June              Nadra Ridgeway – Ellis and Higgs
Tues 6th June             Peta Peace – She Quilts Alot
Wed 7th June              Stacy Olson –Stacey Olson Design
Thurs 8th June           Sedef Imer- Down Grapevine Lane
Friday 9th June           Elizabeth Chappell – Quilters Candy Box
Mon 12th June            Suzy Williams – Suzy Quilts
Tues 13th June           Rachel Howard – Family Ever After
Wed 14th June            Amy Sinibaldi – nanaCompany
Thurs 15th June         Jodie Carleton – Ric Rac
Fri 16th June               Ange Hamilton – A Little Patchwork
Mon 19th June            Heather Andrus – Quilt Story
Tues 20th June           Elea Lutz – Elea Lutz Design
Wed 21st June            Lauren Wright – Molly and Mama
Thurs 22nd June        Claire Turpin – Claire Turpin Design
Fri 23rd June              Jennie Pickett – Clover and Violet
Mon 26th June            Fat Quarter Shop
Tues 27th June           Alisha Orlando – Ministry of Fabric
Wed 28th June            Minki Kim – Minki Kim Sewing Illustration You are here
Thurs 29th June         Jemima Flendt – Tied with a Ribbon


  1. Minki, your pillow and the diagonal quilting is beautiful. Second grade work!!
    By the way congratulations on your upcoming fabric collection….that is so wonderful and I’m sew happy for you

    1. Author

      Diane, did you see my fabric? Yay, I am so happy someone comments about it. hehe…
      I can’t wait to see what awesome sewist will make!!

  2. Minki you are definitely a first grader! Your quilting is perfect! Those ramrod straight lines, sharp corners, and always some sewing illustration adding interest. And of course you always use such wonderful fabrics. I’ve just spent ages unpicking all the wobbly lines on my hexi quilt so I know how hard it is, so you have learnt your craft so well and are now a master of stitchery!

    1. Author

      It’s like a beautiful song to me. I don’t know if I deserve this complement but I will keep trying and I will do what I can do the best. Thanks for stopping by and make this play shine!

  3. Oh Minki, you should give yourself alot more credit – I definately think you are a great quilter and go to the top of the class on this gorgeous pillow. Thanks so much for being a part of the Weekend Quilting Showcase. Jemima x

    1. Author

      The other day, I looked a small bag I made for my little girl and then I realized how much I learned so far. Thank you for writing beautiful book and thank you for being my friend, Jemima!!

  4. I love the pillow!! So inspiring. Thank you:)

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! Reading kind comments over and over again is best thing to do during weekend. Don’t you agree? xx

  5. Absolute perfection!! Loooove how you shrunk the flowers down and did some sewing illustration on these!!

    1. Author

      I love your kind eyes! You always look each creation carefully and find out the hidden details. That makes you so special, my friend!

  6. Hi Minki. I recently bought your beautiful book –
    Sew Illustrated and fell in love with your designs. You have a way of putting things together that is just so pleasing. I am a fan and visit your work table as often as I can. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. You make me smile.

    1. Author

      Hi Joni,
      Thank you so much for finding my blog and my book! You have no idea how big gift you gave to me. That’s the best comment any author can get!! xx Minki

  7. Oh what a beautiful pillow!! Your thread drawing just sets off the whole pillow, so happy and bright. I also love the way you quilted it, not to much but very classy! You are so creative!! I think you are way beyond second grade dear Minki, in fact I think you have graduated with honors!!!

    1. Author

      I think I always receives bigger prize than I deserve.
      I cherish each word and will remember to stay humble, my dear friend!!

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