2017. 6. 26. Monday


2017. 6. 27. Tuesday


2017. 6. 28. Wednesday


2017. 6. 29. Thursday


2017. 6. 30. Friday


2017. 7. 1. Saturday


2017. 7. 2. Sunday




  1. Can I come to your house to eat, play, smell beautiful flowers and just have a wonderful time. Oh…and learn to take beautiful pictures!!! Please tell what you were cooking. I can literally smell the food and hear your beautiful children laughing.
    Have a wonderful week 🙂

    1. Author

      I wish I could visit your place and smell, see and learn from you. It calls “samkyupsal” which means pork belly. 😉 I bet you will love it!
      It was busy productive week and I can’t wait to show you my fabric lines!!! xx

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