Hi, my friends! Today I want to introduce a coffee card that you can give anybody any day. You don’t need any special tool for this. With the step-by-step photos, you will see how easy and simple to make a every card. If you add¬†a coffee coupon inContinue Reading

        Last night I made a couple of simple thank you cards with my sewing machine. Whenever I run out of sewing ideas or need to refresh my head, I would play with fabric scraps from my previous work. For me, those pretty colors and patterns areContinue Reading

  It’s that season again where we crafters get to show off and share our creations! ūüôā I don’t know about you, but for me, every year I have so much hope for the perfect creation that I get paralyzed in my own thought process. ¬†The added pressure is theContinue Reading

    One day I called my friend for a cup of coffee and she said she was sick in bed. Instead of making chicken noodle soup (because I don’t know how to), I made a get-well card for her. That evening I walked to her door and hand myContinue Reading

All of sudden ,I was feeling like making a card this morning. (breakfast dishes were still in the sink.) I grab a piece of watercolor paper and played watercolor paint. Guess how long it took to finish this card. If I didn’t take any pictures, I could have finished inContinue Reading

      Today I want to show you how to draw California Poppy using Copic sketch markers.     Artist : Genine D. Zlatkis I was inspired by¬†this illustration and decided to make a card.   California Poppies are simple flowers to draw compared to other flowers such asContinue Reading

    Stamp image on the center of watercolor paper.   With a red marker, draw a circle and add 5 flower petals.   With a yellow marker, draw a little small size of flowers and color the center of the red flowers.   With a baby blue marker, drawContinue Reading

I save almost everything; fabric scraps, paper pieces, old magazines, old clothes……therefore organization is always no.1 on my to-do list. Yesterday I decided not to make anything (in other words, not to make any mess.) and start cleaning. As I wiped out my work station, I remembered these bottle stampContinue Reading

After spending several hours to¬†make a card, I wasn’t happy with the result. Then I went outside for a cup of coffee. When I came back to my desk, I started to ¬†work on a new project. which was this card. It took about 20minutes! Today’s lesson was that ¬†sittingContinue Reading

I have a fake antique radio. It works O.K. but I am used to playing music on my  iphone rather than listening to the radio. The other day I was looking at my radio and all of sudden I got a card idea. I roughly sketched the radio on theContinue Reading

On this Father’s Day, for my ¬†hard working hubby.   What you need: Hero Art clear stamp set. Fabric scrap, Quilt bedding, Black card stock, Gold embossing powder, Heat tool   Stamp on fabric and then trace the image with your sewing machine.       A brush and aContinue Reading

                I remember the day my three girls were so excited of getting new pairs of shoes. Their shoes are not bright and shiny any more now but by the time the shoes are old my girls have grown so much. I’d alwaysContinue Reading