2017. 6. 19. Monday


2017. 6. 20. Tuesday


2017. 6. 21. Wednesday


2017. 6. 22. Thursday


2017. 6. 23. Friday


2017. 6. 24. Saturday


2017. 6. 25. Sunday





  1. Your photos are amazing, they have so many inspiration in them.

    1. Author

      Hi Alisonann,
      Thank you for staying on my corner of the internet.
      I am happy someone enjoys my diary photos.

  2. Hi Minki, I so look forward to your Dear Diary posts each week. What is in the drink in the top picture? I bet it is good! You talent is breathtaking and I love your Friday photo, so much detail, really precious!!
    Your house must be so fun and busy with three lovely girls. The last photo is really amazing. I feel like I am standing right there.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Author

      Hi Katheen,
      I am waiting for your visit each week!
      It’s dried jujube and I boiled with water over three hours to drink as a tea. 🙂
      I love my Friday’s drawing too. I peeked Claire’s doll play with her friend. I got up early in the morning and it was dreamy on Sunday morning. 🙂
      Have a happy week!

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