I found these pictures in my old photo file today. These are my very first attempt to make tiny pincushions almost 3 years ago.

I guess my skill hasn’t changed much. I remember that I was so excited of this ‘Sewing Illustration’ adventure; finding new technique and it seemed like I always don’t have enough time to draw so many ideas in my mind.

After three years, I am suffering lack of ideas and I feel I am suck where I am now.

Hubby advices me to take a break and slow down. Well, I think I really have to listen to him and take my homemaker job that I have neglected for long while. 😉








This cooking pot is the first pincushion I made in my pincushion history. I didn’t know what to name it.

I wasn’t really happy with the pot so I added hand stitch on the bottom. Now I think it’s better without that zigzag stitches. What do you think?


Look, my sewing machine was better before than now!

My advice to you is that you think you need practice but what you are drawing now is fresher than any day later!

And try to take a good picture of them. I don’t have these pincushion anymore and all I have left is dull images.


Thanks for visiting me.




  1. Your work is always beautiful and full of creativity! And true sometimes you need a creative break to reenergize your soul, look outside at the beautiful fall foliage it’s sure to help with your lack of ideashave a wonderful week!

    1. Author

      Hi, Annie,
      Your words are exactly what I need at the moment. Thank you so much, friend. Your kindness would be treasured. xo

  2. These are so sweet! Love also all your pics! Lovely glimpses from your daily life. Precious and sweet!
    So glad I found your blog! Lots of inspiration here!

  3. Look even your first projects were brilliant! But yes even someone as brilliant as you will need a break to find inspiration. I usually find mine on Pinterest – where I found you!!! And can I just tell you what I do with my project photos – at the end of the year I make a small photobook at one of those on-line printers. They are a physical reminder of things I’ve made in the past. I show one here:

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