Hello friends, I share my Pumpkin Pincushion tutorial on my YouTube channel, MinkiKim today. It’s such a quick and easy project that you might end up making a basketful of them like me. ^^ Please watch my full video tutorial. Thank you for stopping by! Minki xxRead More →

      Today my pincushion tutorial is up on We All Sew, Bernina blog. My very first attempt for this stuffed mini cushion was almost 4 years ago. I wanted to use a basket full of pretty fabric scraps and my sewing illustration technique. So I started to draw little images I could think of on the linen pieces…… Find more story and you can download my free pincushions pattern as well. I hope you enjoy reading my pincushion story.   Minki xxRead More →

Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. -Michael Josephson-   When I woke up this morning I found out that there were almost 400 Pattern download registrations! I could notice the power of “FREE”. I am so excited to see all your makes and 2017 will be a new chapter for Sewing Illustration. Thank you so much for joining my Pincushion SewAlong and share your talent with us. Tonight will be sleepless, my friend.   Did you know that I used dark purple thread? TryRead More →

      Do you plan before you start or do you just begin like me? I just drew different houses without knowing what to do. Then I end up finishing a House Mini quilt. And I made one pincushion with a leftover scrap. I believe all the big things start from one little piece and that  makes me keeping riding a bicycle of creative life.    Life is like a riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.   p.s. I gave this mini to my old friend who recently visited me from Korea. The last time I metRead More →

  I found these pictures in my old photo file today. These are my very first attempt to make tiny pincushions almost 3 years ago. I guess my skill hasn’t changed much. I remember that I was so excited of this ‘Sewing Illustration’ adventure; finding new technique and it seemed like I always don’t have enough time to draw so many ideas in my mind. After three years, I am suffering lack of ideas and I feel I am suck where I am now. Hubby advices me to take a break and slow down. Well, I think I really have to listen to him andRead More →

I and my friend and co-author, Kristin made a video tutorial to show you how to use stamp sets for your sewing project. Transferring sewing illustration and embroidery designs is so easy using stamps. In this video I show you how to transfer the design and how to sewing illustration.    Read More →

Finished size: letter size Pattern download: Sewingillustration.com Lecien Aurifil Warm quilt batting             How to make: 1.Transfer the illustration on the cotton using erasable pen. 2.Cut out fabric scraps as desired shape. If it’s hard to cut, use the printed pattern as a template. With washable glue stick or fabric glue stick, attach on the prepared cotton. 3.Set your sewing machine as the picture. attach applique foot. 4.Put quilt batting on the wrong side of the cotton. Sew all the fabric pieces using bright color thread, 1-2mm inside the fabric. If you worry about fraying, use fusible interfacing. For me,Read More →

Do your scissors want to play hide and seek? Mine does all the time. I made this quick and simple pincushion as my scissor watcher this morning.   Since it takes only 3inch x 3inch size of fabric, I chose my favorite print which I only have so little, it takes my gut to cut it. Are you like me? Is it hard for you to cut if the fabric is no longer available or no where to find? Then let’s be friend!! LOL       How to make: *finished size: 2.5inch x 2.5inch  *Linen is from MODA Fabric, name is LINEN MOCHIRead More →

        While my kids were enjoy swimming at the pool, I hand sewed the little fabric scraps that are leftovers from my former project. Then I added some color with bright floss. When I still didn’t know what to do, my next door elderly brought this glass cup from her garage clean up. Isn’t it wonderful when things just happen beautifully?  This is why I couldn’t wait to show you my new pincushion and tell you the story. I hope you have a sweet “happening” today too! Love always, MinkiRead More →