I found these pictures in my old photo file today. These are my very first attempt to make tiny pincushions almost 3 years ago. I guess my skill hasn’t changed much. I remember that I was so excited of this ‘Sewing Illustration’ adventure; finding new technique and it seemed like I always don’t have enough time to draw so many ideas in my mind. After three years, I am suffering lack of ideas and I feel I am suck where I am now. Hubby advices me to take a break and slow down. Well, I think I really have to listen to him andRead More →

This morning I wanted to try some different ways of sewing illustration, commonly called “free hand motion embroidery”. I was surfing the web and found out that  many amazing ladies(mostly in the U.K.) uses “darning foot” on their wonderful machine drawings. This picture is the result of all my effort after hours and hours of practices in my P.J. You would be surprised how terrible I was at first but practice makes everything perfect! after several attempts I improved in such a short amount of time. (All happened for about  3 hours!) When my 10 years old eldest daughter, Caylin saw my drawing, her commentRead More →