2016. 5. 16. Monday “Mom, how much did you love your mom when you were 6?” “I loved my mom as much as you love me.” “I think I love you more than you did.”   2016. 5. 17. Tuesday I finally met her today. I was so surprised thatContinue Reading

2016. 5. 9. Monday I have been waiting for this moment so badly and sincerely for the last couple of months. I met my Bernina today. I am a Ambassador!   2016. 5. 10. Tuesday Her hair has always done and she changes nice looking shoes everyday. My Claire’s hairContinue Reading

2016. 5. 2. Monday I don’t enjoy reading ¬†fiction. But I do love to read certain author’s whole collection.   2016. 5. 3. Tuesday Sister is the best.   2016. 5. 4. Wednesday She skipped the school today and doing her homework all by herself. I am so proud ofContinue Reading