2016. 5. 2. Monday

I don’t enjoy reading  fiction. But I do love to read certain author’s whole collection.



2016. 5. 3. Tuesday

Sister is the best.



2016. 5. 4. Wednesday

She skipped the school today and doing her homework all by herself.

I am so proud of you and I miss messy and naughty you so much, Claire.



2016. 5. 5. Thursday

Claire is sick in bed and this mama made a sandwich to feed myself. I wonder how could I be hungry when my own child is sick.



2016. 5. 6. Friday

I bought a pack for cherries for my sick child.



2016. 5. 7. Saturday

Chloe’s 10th birday party.



2016. 5. 8. Sunday

11year Caylin made pancake breakfast and 10 year Chloe cleaned her room as a Mother’s Day gift.

I miss my mother in Korean so deeply and I hope I was a good daughter when I was little.