2016. 5. 9. Monday

I have been waiting for this moment so badly and sincerely for the last couple of months.

I met my Bernina today. I am a Ambassador!



2016. 5. 10. Tuesday

Her hair has always done and she changes nice looking shoes everyday. My Claire’s hair is often tangled and even wears mis-match socks. Good, they don’t care such things.



2016. 5. 11. Wednesday

“What’s the good news?” I asked to my Claire on the way home from school.

“I don’t have any bad news. That’s the good new.” She proudly answered.




2016. 5. 12. Thursday

“Mom, do you know why I want to become a designer? It’s because I don’t need to retire.

Guess, 90 years old engineer. I can do what I love to do and make a lot of money!”



2016. 5. 13. Friday

Things he carries to work  every morning.



2016. 5. 14. Saturday

There was a time I often sneak peek at life bloggers and tried to imitate their life.

I no longer do that anymore and live as my will. Now I live my life.



2016. 5. 15. Sunday

The best handmade I have done is handmade dolls for my three girls.