2016. 5. 16. Monday

“Mom, how much did you love your mom when you were 6?”

“I loved my mom as much as you love me.”

“I think I love you more than you did.”



2016. 5. 17. Tuesday

I finally met her today. I was so surprised that she is a Korean and same age with me!



2016. 5. 18. Wednesday.

The reason I take pictures is because I know I would miss every little moment when they are no longer exist.



2016. 5. 19. Thursday

I received the box of step-out work for my book  from the publisher.

That time I thought it was my best.  But “the best”  is always judged after time passes by.



2016. 5. 20. Friday

Kimbob reminds me of my mother and my twenties in Seoul, Korea.



2016. 5. 21. Saturday

Last March 5th, he planted a potato after we watched the movie “Martian”.

Two months and more days later, we got these potatoes! I doubt that five family member can survive at Mars but I believe that my hubby would find the way where ever we happen to live.



2016. 5. 22. Sunday

“What are you doing becuse Im not doing enything im jest Bord.”

Claire sent a text message to her Kindergarten teacher.

“Silly girl:)

No reason to b bored. You can always read, create some beautiful art or go outside.”

Mrs.R kindly replied.