Yesterday we went to Jamba Juice and enjoyed their smoothies and sugar waffles. Each waffle were served in a brown bag.

I liked it’s double wrapping and color. Those bags were too good to be trashed. As soon as I got home, I kept thinking what shouldl I do with this free treasures. Something free always boost your creation. 🙂

1.Gather clean brown paper bags. If you’re a home baker like me, brown bag itself is very handy when you  share oven fresh bread with your neighbor.


2.Since I didn’t have any old books to tear, I printed out my favorite essay on a plain white paper. Then blended some ink to make old book page.


3.Fold  half any green paper and cut leaf shape  with pinking sheer.


4.If you don’t have any cute accent to decorate, use pretty images from old magazine.


5.Tear the paper and attach on the bag with adhesive.


6.Prepare many bags for future use.


I should bake some bread to use my up-cycled Jamba Juice bag today.

Happy crafting and happy baking too!



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