I have a couple of bags of fabric scraps from the previous projects. They are too small to make something and too pretty to throw away. Whenever I have a time to sit down, I arrange all the little pieces as a big puzzle. I would like to share howContinue Reading

  It’s another beautiful Friday. Kids and hubby went where they belong to and I am enjoying this calm morning. Today I would like to share my upcycled jean bag idea. I made 4 crossbody bags for my 3 girls and myself. Other bags I made them before were forgottenContinue Reading

These are two yogurts my daughter got the other day. These are harder than “Activia” container. I have a feeling that I am going to be busy shopping “expensive” yogurts from now on. If you’re a crafter, organizing work station is always No.1 duty. My little container reuse idea wasContinue Reading

  Every morning I try to take a walk for at least 30minutes. This morning I had a nice walk to the local market, Vons holding my two daughters’ hands. I let them choose whatever they want. 8 year old Chloe got a chocolate muffin and 4 year old Claire justContinue Reading

Yesterday we went to Jamba Juice and enjoyed their smoothies and sugar waffles. Each waffle were served in a brown bag. I liked it’s double wrapping and color. Those bags were too good to be trashed. As soon as I got home, I kept thinking what shouldl I do withContinue Reading

Happy Saturday! Today I want to share my up-cycle idea. It takes less than 30minutes to make this whimsical can flower vase and you will love it forever! 🙂 How to make: 1.Clean and dry an empty can. (I recommend fruit cans) 2.Save the paper menu from your local restaurantContinue Reading