I have a couple of bags of fabric scraps from the previous projects. They are too small to make something and too pretty to throw away. Whenever I have a time to sit down, I arrange all the little pieces as a big puzzle. I would like to share how to upcyle your tiny fabric scraps into “crazy quilt” kind all purpose mats.           I try to use neutral color lining so I can use both way depends on the ocassion.     HOW TO MAKE: You need: fusible interfacing, fabric scraps, lining Cut the fusible interfacing size of you desire.Read More →

  It’s another beautiful Friday. Kids and hubby went where they belong to and I am enjoying this calm morning. Today I would like to share my upcycled jean bag idea. I made 4 crossbody bags for my 3 girls and myself. Other bags I made them before were forgotten but this jean bag has been loved still. (the amount of time and effort really doesn’t matter for the receivers. They only care “the look.” *wink*)     Step1. Cut your jean as the picture shown and decorate with colorful fabric stashes.   Step2.Iron fusible batting on the wrong side of the jean.   Step3.CutRead More →

These are two yogurts my daughter got the other day. These are harder than “Activia” container. I have a feeling that I am going to be busy shopping “expensive” yogurts from now on. If you’re a crafter, organizing work station is always No.1 duty. My little container reuse idea was a success I proudly recommend. (F.Y.I.,Activia container was a bit too light and weak.) How easy is it! First, I applied a layer of gesso. Second, I colored one thin coat of white acrylic paint and then back  to washing the dishes.(To wait for the paint to dry) Then come back to color another layerRead More →

  Every morning I try to take a walk for at least 30minutes. This morning I had a nice walk to the local market, Vons holding my two daughters’ hands. I let them choose whatever they want. 8 year old Chloe got a chocolate muffin and 4 year old Claire just copied her sister. I got some bagels and a bag of cherries and my girls ran down to the diary section. Little one chose 4 packs of Activia yogurts and Chloe got 2 extra expensive yogurts for herself and big sis at home. After we finish the breakfast, I was busy dressing up yogurt containerRead More →

Yesterday we went to Jamba Juice and enjoyed their smoothies and sugar waffles. Each waffle were served in a brown bag. I liked it’s double wrapping and color. Those bags were too good to be trashed. As soon as I got home, I kept thinking what shouldl I do with this free treasures. Something free always boost your creation. 1.Gather clean brown paper bags. If you’re a home baker like me, brown bag itself is very handy when you  share oven fresh bread with your neighbor. 2.Since I didn’t have any old books to tear, I printed out my favorite essay on a plainRead More →

Happy Saturday! Today I want to share my up-cycle idea. It takes less than 30minutes to make this whimsical can flower vase and you will love it forever! How to make: 1.Clean and dry an empty can. (I recommend fruit cans) 2.Save the paper menu from your local restaurant and tear them a part. Roll it around the can and glue the edge. 3.Brush the surface roughly with white gesso or white acrylic paint. Let dry. 4.Roll any decorative strings around the can several time and tie the knot. 5.Enjoy yourself or surprise your friend!     When this “can vase” gets old andRead More →