2017. 7. 17. Monday


2017. 7. 18. Tuesday


2017. 7. 19. Wednesday

The package filled with homemade preserves from my mom who lives Korea.


2017. 7. 20. Thursday


2017. 7. 21. Friday


2017. 7. 22. Saturday


2017. 7. 23. Sunday




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  3. Hello, I did leave a comment on another page.
    I just discovered you and I want to see everything you create.
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    Thank you

  4. Hello Minki! Another week has flown right past! Looks like a lovely package from your mom. I bet it was filled with wonderful goodies!
    Beautiful pictures as always. Your food shots always look so yummy!!
    Hope you have a fantastic week!!

    1. Author

      Hello Katheen!
      I feel each week flies faster and faster. Is it only me or do you feel the same?
      My mom made apricot jam and apricat kochujang. I wonder if I would ever be a mom like my mom. 🙂

      1. I bet you are a mom like your mom!! The proof is in your beautiful pictures!

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