2017. 7. 10. Monday


2017. 7. 11. Tuesday


2017. 7. 12. Wednesday


2017. 7. 13. Thursday


2017. 7. 14. Friday


2017. 7. 15. Saturday


2017. 7. 16. Sunday





  1. Hello Minki! I am having a busy week but had to take time to visit your blog. Looks like a lovely week at your house! I love that your girls are always in your pictures and they are helping their mama bake and be busy. They are beautiful girls! Such a gorgeous quilt with your illustration art in it Would like a bite of those wee little pancakes. Have a wonderful rest of your week!!

    1. Author

      Hello Kathleen!
      It’s always lovely to talk to you and it seems like a promise to the new week! I treasure your friendship so much more than you may know. 🙂

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