Dear diary

Dear diary

2017. 7. 24. Monday


2017. 7. 25. Tueday


2017. 7. 26. Wednesday


2017. 7. 27. Thursday


2017. 7. 28. Friday


2017. 7. 29. Saturday


2017. 7. 30. Sunday






  1. Hello Minki,
    can I come play dollies at your house and drink lemonade and iced coffee with brownies????

    Please do tell what is the second picture? I bet it is delish!

    Have a lovely week dear lady!

    1. Author

      It’s Korean potato pancake. 🙂
      My next door grandma and granpa is going to move next year so I try to share the dishes they like.
      Oh, you should bring 1$ for a cup of lemonade and one brownie. haha

  2. That is so sweet of you to share! I would have guessed that you would be like that. $1 it is!! Ha,ha!

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