2017. 6. 12. Monday


2017. 6. 13. Tuesday

Chloe went trip to Arizona and sent me a picture on the road.


2017. 6. 14. Wednesday


2017. 6. 15. Thursday


2017. 6. 16. Friday

My friend sent me a picture of her bedroom. I could tell all of my gifts are cherished there.


2017. 6. 17. Saturday

Caylin baked coffee cake for Father’s day.


2017. 6. 18. Sunday

“Mom, I will be a better chef than daddy when I grow up.” she said and I agreed.






  1. Beautiful pictures Minki! I want to jump in there and be a part of the fun!

    1. Author

      I found myselff keep checking if you stopped by. How silly but I really enjoy getting a message from you, Kathleen!

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