I am still into Christmas tag making. I will keep posting my ideas so please stay tunned. 🙂



*size is approx. 3inch x 5inch (without seam)

I made a tag template with hard board paper. Then you are good to go endless tag making. 🙂



And I also draw a gingerbread man and a hat on a box paper and then trace them on the felt. Making a template is kind of a habit. You never know how many you want to make. Better safe than sorry, you know. 🙂



Hand stitch the gingerbread man on the linen with quilt batting underneath.



Put the other linen on the top and sew by machine or by hand. Leave a hole.



Reverse the tag and iron it. It really helps making perfect tag shape. Hand stitch the hat and all the other details. This is the most fun part for me. How about you?



Crumb idea was the last minute decision, so I just cut a bit of the edge and sew next. I think it’s very cute idea. I am learning that a little more detail always brings satisfying result.


As a child I always loved to make things and creation is more than a hobby for me now. I try hard to come up with unigue ideas and love to share with you.

Your visit and thoughtful comments are apprecitated more than you may think. I think that makes me keep trying. Thanks again.


Hope you have a wonderful day today.





  1. Each day I look forward to your wonderful creations. This Christmas tag is beautiful. Your detail is so lovely and the designs are so precious. You are amazing! I love this tag!

    1. Author

      I just finished my Christmas tag making project. Can’t wait to show you my advent calender. It will take a while because I am leaving for my 12th anniversary tomorrow.
      If you follow my Instagram, you can peek. 🙂

  2. This is so adorable! Thinking about making a few to reuse when gifting with family.

    1. Author

      Hi Maria,
      Thank you for nice comment. Making for my family was actually my beginning and I end up making 12! LOL

    1. Author

      Hi Kate.
      Thank you. I hope you are well today!!

  3. These are so cute. They would be great gift tags, which people could keep and turn into christmas ornaments. Very sweet.

    1. Author

      Hi Katie M,
      I totally agree with you. I feel connected. 🙂
      Have a good day today!

  4. Adorei! Muito delicado e belo. Parabéns pelo trabalho tão bem feito!
    Káren Chrusciel
    Porto Alegre – RS – Brasil

  5. Your Christmas tag is adorable–such a sweet idea. I love the crumb detail! I wonder if it might be easier to sew the gingerbread man [excluding hat detail and maybe the crumb too] to the top of the tag before sewing the 2 pieces of the tag together–the 2 pieces could remain pinned at the top. Beginning sewers might have more difficulty keeping their embroidery stitches from going through the back. Thank you for sharing your special project

  6. I am so sorry–I didn’t thoroughly read the directions before I posted my comment–dummy me.

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