Beautiful Friday morning here. I hope you are enjoying the last two months of the year wherever you are.

I want to share my tea mat idea today. I have made over hundreds of tea mats or mug rugs so far but still love making this little project.




First draw a simple cupcake shape on the paper and trace it on the fabric you like. Cut out each fabric pieces by hand.




finished size is 8inch x 5 1/2inch.

cotton: 3inch x 5 1/2 inch (+seam) , linen: 5inch x 5 1/2inch(+seam) ,  back fabric 8inch x 5 1/2inch (+seam), quilt batting 8inch x 5 1/2inch(+seam)

trace 3 1/2inch circle on the linen with erasable pen. Put quilt batting under.




Hand stitch the circle.



To decorate with cotton ribbon, I used fusible web and iron the ribon on the linen and  hand stitch after to secure. Iron the Cupcake as well.




Button hole stitch the cupcake.


IMG_7626-2I added more fabrice pieces on the corner and hand stitched.



Put the right side together, machine sew or hand sew leaving a hole to reverse.



Reverse right side out and close the hole by hand.



I hope you can make your own tea mat today. Thanks as always.












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