I finally finished 12th Christmas tag making. This is sneak peek of my advent calender. As soon as my hubby finish the board, I will hang them nicely and brag about it. 🙂   size is approx 2.5inch x 4inch. Draw a snowman on white felt. Draw a hatContinue Reading

      Here is another Christmas tag idea. I have many tag ideas but I have no idea what to give Santa. 😉 This morning I went to Starbucks at Vons near my neighbor, I saw a set of Chrismas gift tags with reasonable price. Shortly I was thinkingContinue Reading

        I am still into Christmas tag making. I will keep posting my ideas so please stay tunned. 🙂   *size is approx. 3inch x 5inch (without seam) I made a tag template with hard board paper. Then you are good to go endless tag making. 🙂Continue Reading