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From today’s photo shoot – this is what I would call a “beautiful mess”.

My friend and co-author Kristin and I got together to take photo shoot for the book launch in this morning.

I set up the table and even ironed the table cover which I do once in a blue moon!!

I boiled the kettle and my Chloe brought some Korean chocolate sweets from the fridge.

One hour flew so fast while I was taking pretty good amount of same pictures and obviously, the tea (it was Blueberry Merlot tea from Tea Forte) got cold and we took a quick sip.

And we didn’t even have time to sit down and sew together in real life.




sew illustrated



sew illustrated-2



sew illustrated-3

Kristin is taking a snapshot for her Instagram post.

She offered me to take picture of me but I didn’t want to show up in my sweat shirts. 🙁


sew illustrated-4


As we all do, I always wish for a quietly sewing day with my sewing friend and make a “beautiful mess”.

You can find the whole story behind how Sew illustrated was born on C&T Publishing blog on 26th of July.

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xx Minki



  1. Love these little mats and really can’t wait to try making one. That teaset is just perfect too! But COLD tea? Noooooooooo!

    1. Hi, Ann,
      Thanks for your sweet comment. I am actually used of cold tea. lol. *wink*

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