From today’s photo shoot – this is what I would call a “beautiful mess”. My friend and co-author Kristin and I got together to take photo shoot for the book launch in this morning. I set up the table and even ironed the table cover which I do once in a blue moon!! I boiled the kettle and my Chloe brought some Korean chocolate sweets from the fridge. One hour flew so fast while I was taking pretty good amount of same pictures and obviously, the tea (it was Blueberry Merlot tea from Tea Forte) got cold and we took a quick sip. And we didn’t evenRead More →

I created simple snack mat tutorial for BERNINA USA. Check out the full tutorial over on WE ALL SEW !!     Pennyrose Fabric, Strawberrybiscuit by Elea Lutz Aurifi, 12wt. Grey+ Red, 40wt.Variegated thread Pellon fusible interfacing              Read More →

            Hello! I made a cute snack mat last night. I just love the way it looks and want to share the tutorial with you. I tried to shoot every steps and even draw pattern. I hope you can make your version of snack mat that you can use over and over.     size: 11inch x 11inch print out the pattern and trace it on linen. cut out fabric pieces  and glue them on the linen.  you can skip this part and embroidery with colorful thread. I sew them with white thread first to secure.   Then with darkRead More →