Hi friends,

It’s been a while that I drew something with my sewing machine. So I drew this sewing tray and finished as a scrappy version of my Little Friend zip pouch. I like how it came out although I kind of regret that I used gray thread instead of black and that scissor looks too big….well, I hope I will do better next time.  😀

Oh, and I am very happy that my Someday Graphic Tan fabric goes well with linen! I hope you agree with me. *wink*

You can find my downloadable PDF pattern on my shop SewingIllustration.com.






It’s already Friday tomorrow.

I hope we could spend a productive weekend!


Minki xx



    1. Thank you Marie!
      I spent more time for the tray but I like the spools one the bak too. Simple is the best!

  1. Minki you did a beautiful job on this pouch. I really like the gray thread, to me, it gives it a softer feel. I’m always impressed with how perfect your projects are, the zippers and seams are flat and straight with no bulges or uneven spots. Love how creative you are with your sewing illustrations!
    Always fun to see what you have been up to when I see a new blog post. Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend, xxx..

    1. I am so fortunate to have a friend like you who always share kind thoughts and makes my day extra special! Have a lovely weekend Kathleen!

  2. It’s super sweet. You’re so talented and love to see all of the pretty things you create 🙂

    1. Author

      Oh, You made my day so shine!! Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Really want to make a scrappy one! And I don’t think the scissors are too big – you can get great big dressmaking shears just like yours.

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