Kristin and I was taking over C&T Publishing‘s Instagram for the last week.

We tried to tell the story of sewing illustration – where it started, how to use it to preserve memories and give gifts from the heart.


I have stacks and stacks of scrapbooks that I created every month for several years. Sew illustration got its start by hand stitching my kids’ artwork on the cover of each one.

One day I wondered if I could stitch an illustration with a sewing machine. With a bit of determination and a small sewing machine tucked in the corner – a signature style was born.


“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.”

There is perhaps no better purpose for sewing illustration than to preserve and enjoy a child’s drawings.

“Time spent with family is worth every second.” A moment in time captured with your camera is forever cherished in fabric and thread.

“Do one thing every day that makes you happy.”

A cup of tea, a handmade basket filled with Liberty, some sweet hand stitching. It’s a gift you giver yourself.

People ask, “What is zakka?” To us it means surrounding yourself with handmade goodness that you use every day and makes you smile.

Do you use your handmades? Or do you put them away in a drawer waiting for just the right occasion? Well, today is always the right occasion! Treat yourself to a cup of tea, a sweet treat on a handmade dessert mat, and soak up the season.

“The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time.”

A handmade gift is really just another way to give someone your precious time.

“Handwritten letters will never go out of style.” And either will hand stitched ones.


Photo by Minki

Word by Kristin