Yesterday I and my three girls walked to the park. We have two beautiful parks close from our house. I am always grateful for that.

Sometimes we pack PB&J sandwiches, a box of fruits and a bottle of water. And sometimes we just walk to the next grocery store and spend quite long time to select which ice cream to eat. For my 10, 8, 4 years daughters, choosing one ice cream seems the most difficult decision to make. 🙂

On the way home I found a nice looking dandelion and showed my 4 years old Claire to pick.

As she blow it, some seeds came into her mouth that always happens. Taking out those unpleasant taste things, she said,

“I wish, I wish, I want to be Elsa.”

That was the best wish I ever heard of. 🙂

This time I draw her on the sketchbook first.



You can copy your drawing and cut as a templet or just trace the picture on the white fabric.

Cut out color fabric pieces for the parts you want to add some color.



With sewing machine, sew the detail.  This is the most tricky part as well as the most fun part.



At last, draw mini hearts using acrylic paint. I wanted to create dandelions on the air. If I could, I wanted to bottle that afternoon.


*to see more sewing illustration, check here(how to draw a camera with sewing machine)


I hope my sewing illustration inspires you.

Thank you for visiting me today.



  1. Can you pls recommend a good premanet Fabric pen to write or draw on fabric.? I love your patterns and fabric, can’t wait for more!!!! Thank you

    Sherry Olson

  2. Without a doubt, the very best Home made ice cream, is the one which you may often use.
    The one is one that keeps in the garage and gathers debris.

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