I usually get up around 6A.M. I take a brief walk and some times take pictures of my neighborhood. Then I step into my kitchen,  bring out a toaster from the cabinet, start to boil some broth for my hubby’s Korean soup. My three girls usally like to have pancakes or omelet, waffle, bagel with cream cheese with crispy egg fries. With my Bravil blender, I make tomato juice for my hubby and I turn on my beloved Saeco espresso coffee machine. I have been using Saeco almost 10years now (I changed it once.) and always provides me the best coffee. I make a big messRead More →

Do you have a little artist like my Claire? She is 4 years old and her drawing amazes me. I have been saving all my three girls’ drawings and paintings since they grabbed a pencil. When I am run out of ideas, their art inspire me. Today, I want to share my kid’s art tea mat idea with you.     *finished size is 5inch x 5inch. 1.Cut 3 white linen, allow 0.5inch seams. Copy your kid’s drawing with erasable pen. (Use window. ^^) 2.By hand or sewing machine, stitch the drawing. 3.Put remain 2 pieces of linen on top of 2. 4.Sew all theRead More →

Yesterday I and my three girls walked to the park. We have two beautiful parks close from our house. I am always grateful for that. Sometimes we pack PB&J sandwiches, a box of fruits and a bottle of water. And sometimes we just walk to the next grocery store and spend quite long time to select which ice cream to eat. For my 10, 8, 4 years daughters, choosing one ice cream seems the most difficult decision to make. On the way home I found a nice looking dandelion and showed my 4 years old Claire to pick. As she blow it, some seeds cameRead More →

      Today I drew my 4 year daughter, Claire. She played with an umbrella in the backyard even though it was a bright sunny day. 1. on white linen, draw a picture with a heat erasable pen. 2.cut out color fabric pieces as a raincoat, boots, hair, flower petals and a bucket.   3.Using sewing machine,  sew all the way around to secure little fabric pieces to the background with white thread.   4.With dark color thread, sew the detail.   5.Mix acrylic paint and water and draw heart shape as rain drops.   All you need is a regular sewing machineRead More →