Hello friends,

I have made these coasters out of my fabric stashes again. It’s such a easy and quick project. If you are looking for a simple yet special gift idea, you should try!

My Instagram was hacked a week ago and I can’t log in to my account. I am waiting for Facebook to help me…until then, you can fin me on my YouTube channel, MINKIKIM. ^^

Thank you for visiting me! I appreciate your time!

Minki xx


  1. I love these. So simple and a wonderful way to use up some scraps. Thank you for easy idea, great for gifts any time of the year, any theme!

  2. What are the delicious looking drinks on them??

  3. Thankyou for sharing is… I find it so much easier to learn visually than by following written instructions

  4. I absolutely loved your video tutorial. No words were needed for me to follow along. Thank you for sharing. Now I can add these to my list of easy gift ideas. Beautiful video!

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