My new Scrappy Zipper Pouch YouTube tutorial is up on my channel, MinkiKim.

The template is same as my Little Friend Zip pouch and you can order the PDF pattern in my shop.

This little pouch is a good way to use your favorite fabric stashes and would make a charming gift for any occasion! I hope you enjoy making one or two…or many more like I did!

Thank you for visiting and don’t miss subscribing my YouTube channel!

Minki xx


  1. I love all the bags you make. The attention to detail is amazing!

  2. There are many ways you can use your scrap fabric, like making the Scrappy Pouch. But before I give you the steps to make this wonderful pouch, let me tell you a little about my own story about it. I had just finished sewing up a few Halloween costumes for my daughter. She’s 2 and loves dressing up in fun clothes. Need to check this https://plumberswestauckland.co.nz/ and get more new ways for plumber works. One day, in a frenzy of figuring out what to do next around the house since we were down to one hour left on our often two or three collections at any given time, I grabbed a fat quarter of some pretty solid pink and purple fabric

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