Every morning I try to take a walk for at least 30minutes. This morning I had a nice walk to the local market, Vons holding my two daughters’ hands.

I let them choose whatever they want. 8 year old Chloe got a chocolate muffin and 4 year old Claire just copied her sister.

I got some bagels and a bag of cherries and my girls ran down to the diary section. Little one chose 4 packs of Activia yogurts and Chloe got 2 extra expensive yogurts for herself and big sis at home.

After we finish the breakfast, I was busy dressing up yogurt container as shown in the picture. Yes, I admit I am a craft obsessed.

Well, you always need all kinds of itty bitty  containers for organization, for an eye candy, for the background of your crafty pictures or for a little surprise. I hope you agree with me. 🙂






IMG_4023 IMG_4025


I hope you start to eat more yogurt from now on. 🙂

Thank you for visiting me again.

Love always,