I usually get up around 6A.M. I take a brief walk and some times take pictures of my neighborhood. Then I step into my kitchen,  bring out a toaster from the cabinet, start to boil some broth for my hubby’s Korean soup. My three girls usally like to have pancakes or omelet, waffle, bagel with cream cheese with crispy egg fries. With my Bravil blender, I make tomato juice for my hubby and I turn on my beloved Saeco espresso coffee machine. I have been using Saeco almost 10years now (I changed it once.) and always provides me the best coffee.

I make a big mess while I am cooking “east and west” breakfast and wonder how a professional homemaker always clean up after each step.

How about you? Do you always close the cap and put away where it supposed be or are you like me, leaving the “clean”step always the last.  😉




I asked my 8year old Chloe to guess mommy’s illustration. She got it everything right except one. The little things in  the jar is coffee beans, silly.

If it is hard for you to tell what they are, I don’t like you any more. 😉







Well, I jsut want to say our hectic ordinary everyday  is as beautiful as it is, my friend.




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  1. I can’t believe how precise these drawings/sewings are! Are the three objects in the middle tomatoes? I really like your idea of going for a walk early in the morning. I usually start with tea and lately lots of strawberries for everyone… if my little one doesn’t take mine when I’m not looking!

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