Hello friends, I am so excited to share my new Stitched¬†Felt block pouch! The instruction is as same as my Chubby Pouch. You can purchase my pouch pattern here.       When Claire asked me what chubby meant long ago, I said it meant cute. I still think everything chubby is cute. ūüôā   Here’s a short video that shows how to use Sizzix Big Shot machine and Die.   After cutting the desired shapes, arrange them on the quilted pouch front. Using a fabric glue or a school glue stick, attach the cutout shapes in place.   Hand stitch each element using embroideryRead More →

2017. 12. 4. Monday Chloe’s desk 2017. 12. 5. Tuesday   2017. 12. 6. Wednesday   2017. 12. 7. Thursday   2017. 12. 8. Friday   2017. 12. 9. Saturday   2017. 12. 10. Sunday      Read More →

*Pincushion pattern available¬†¬†here.   Hello friends, I had been given many nice Christmas gifts but there‚Äôs a particular gift that I can‚Äôt forget. It is a mini felt teddy bear handmade for me by my high school friend. At the time neither one of us really knew anything about sewing. Her first teddy bear wasn‚Äôt perfect, it had uneven stitches and crooked neck. However I was so thrilled to get such a special gift, and I loved it so much because of the time she spent making on little bear just for me! I have kept her little felt bear in a special drawer forRead More →

2017. 11. 27. Monday   2017. 11. 28. Tuesday   2017. 11. 29. Wednesday     2017. 11. 30. Thursday   2017. 12. 1. Friday   2017. 12. 2. Saturday   2017. 12.¬† 3. Sunday        Read More →

Photo courtesy of Pretty Patches magazine Hello friends, I would like to introduce you a beautiful UK sewing magazine. I found this beautiful image on their blog and couldn’t help sharing with you. Learn more about my Dear Diary fabric collection and enter a chance to win FQ bundles of Dear Diary here.   My first date with Pretty Patches magazine was my¬†¬†Stitched Coffee Coasters. You can download the templates here. I donated my coaster set to help people who suffered from hurricane Katrina. I felt good that my sewing could actually help someone. Looking back my coasters makes me want to sew them againRead More →

Hello friends, I am so excited to introduce Tula Pink’s new book, Coloring with Thread.   photo by: The Quilting Company Coloring with Thread has 17 designs based on her best-selling fabric collections. Each project features a suggested color guide and illustrated tutorials for more than twenty embroidery stitches. If you are new to hand embroidery, this book will guide you kindly with tips and design inspirations. You can hand embroidery and finish as a hoop art or adapt on other projects just like me.   Stitched by Annette Millard,¬† photo by the Quilting Company It was hard but happy job to choose one designRead More →

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I made this apron for my sewing time. Because I always hurry picking off threads all over my clothes when my girl’s¬†school pickup time. Do you wear an apron when you cook? I think I wear most all the time unless I can’t find where I left it. ūüėČ   I was lucky enough to receive the¬†Simply Stitched with Applique by Yumiko Higuchi from Zakka Workshop. This book is filled with variety hand embroidery motifs that you can combine with felt and plain cotton fabric. I would like to use felt on my sewing illustration next time. Before I start stitching, I decided to makeRead More →

My debut fabric collection Dear Diary for Riley Blake Designs is out at the shops. Dear Diary Showcase was hosted by six the most talented artists and here’s the summary.   Samantha Dorn¬† @aqua_paisley Samantha has designed a gorgeous quilt and is sharing the tutorial on her blog.   Saija Elina¬†@saija_elina Saija has made this beautiful hexagon quilt and the cutest ever house potholders. They will make the perfect Christmast gift for your friends.   Alli Jensen¬†@woodberry_way Alli made a charming quilt that shows my illustration so well. Don’t miss her hand quilting tip!   Ayda Algin @cafenohut Ayda created so many beautiful projects. YouRead More →

2017. 11. 6. Monday   ¬†2017. 11. 7. Tuesday   2017. 11. 8. Wednesday   2017. 11. 9. Thursday   2017. 11. 10. Friday   2017. 11. 11. Saturday   2017. 11. 12. Sunday      Read More →

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2017. 10. 9. Monday A view from my mom’s balcony. She is making dried persimmons.   2017. 10. 10. Tuesday At Kristin’s house   2017. 10. 11. Wednesday She is so excited that she can finally “type” her homework and print it!   2017. 10. 12. Thursday   2017. 10. 13. Friday   2017. 10. 14. Saturday     2017. 10. 15. Sunday        Read More →

Hello friends, I made another knit pouch with my fabric collection Dear Diary. I don’t know how to knit but I love making knit pouches. haha. My Born to Knit Pouch pattern is up on SewingIllustration.com.             Have another beautiful new week! Minki xx  Read More →

Hello friends! Today I had a tea time with my friend down the street. Then I realized that I didn’t have any cute mats for my hot tea pot. Is it only me? I have made so many bags but there’re certain sizes I don’t have and after making countless number of mats – snack mats, tea mats, table mats… I still don’t have a kettle mat!! I grabbed one of my old drawings and made this Strawberry ¬†mat. I am going to invite my friend soon again. haha You can download my strawberry drawing on my patternshop SewingIllustration.com for free. ūüôā I used myRead More →

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