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On Make It Yourself magazine blog today, you would find my interview.

What types of crafts are your favorite?

What colors can you not get enough of right now?

What made/makes you so passionate about crafting?

If you could craft with any person in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?





To find out my answers, visit Make It Yourself magazine blog today.



December Wishes


The Fall/Winter issue of Make It Yourself magazine just hit the news stands and my projects are featured!!

Grab your copy and be prepared for Christmas. 🙂








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Lovely Little Patchwork Book Tour


When I first discovered Kerri’s first book “Lovely Little Patchwork” from Tuva Publishing this spring, I fell in love with her vintage-y patchwork and her raw-edge applique.

So I was super excited to be part of Lovely Little Patchwork Blog Tour!


It was hard to choose where to start first but my little girl wanted mama to make her this lemonade mini for her dolly play.

My fabric choice was Minny Muu collection by Lecien Fabrics. I’ve saved these colorful fun fabrics for today!



In her book, she made a Lemonade Jug Rug. I enlarged the size so I can also use as a snack mat.

And I added “Sale” at last because my lemonade stand wasn’t placed on the center, so I had to be clever.

By adding the little sign on the right side, it was problem solved! 😉





And my little Claire and her lemonade stand lived happily ever after.

*the rubber bands in the cup supposed to be lemonade. 😉



My next attempt was to make this sweet Cherry Potholder. 


My first big mistake was to start making hexies without reading the instruction carefully.

It was too late when I found out my hexies are way too big.



So again, I put my sneaky girl’s pants and started to adjust the design.



I would like to say, if anybody make a mistake like me, don’t waste your hexies and turn them into a flower. 😉



And the last but the very important touch was adding the words you would hardly forget,

Lovely Little patchwork.



I hope you enjoyed my makes and laugh out loud. 🙂



Here’s the full schedule of the tour, make sure to visit the other makers to see their fabulous creations.

 28.08.2016 Sarah Edgar  @sarahedgarprettyfabrics
29.08.2016 Heidi Staples @fabricmutt
30.08.2016 Megan Jimenez @QuiltStoryMeg
02.09.2016 Cheri Lehnow @tinkerellen
03.09.2016 Ange Hamilton @alittlepatchwork
04.09.2016 Sedef Imer @downgrapevinelane
05.09.2016 Kimberly Jolly @fatquartershop
06.09.2016 Samantha Dorn @aqua_paisley
07.09.2016 Ayda Algın @cafenohut
08.09.2016 LeAnne Ballard @everydaycelebrations
09.09.2016 Sharon Burgess @lilabellelane
10.09.2016 Lauren Wright @mollyandmama
11.09.2016 Kate May @thehomemakery
12.09.2016 Debbie Homick @happylittlecottage1
13.09.2016 Wynn Tan @zakkaart
14.09.2016 Kim Kruzich @retro_mama
15.09.2016 Jennie Pickett @cloverandviolet
16.09.2016 Veronica AM @VividFelicity
17.09.2016 Nadra Ridgeway @ellisandhiggs
18.09.2016 Amanda Woodruff @acraftyfox_amanda
19.09.2016 Minki Kim @zeriano
20.09.2016 Sharon Yeager @daisycottagequilting
21.09.2016 Peta Peace @shequiltsalot
22.09.2016 Sarah Scott @piccolostudio_sarah
23.09.2016 Kristin Cobb @goobadesigns
24.09.2016 Erin Cox @whynotsewquilts
25.09.2016 Kerri Horsley @sewdeerlyloved




Welcome to my stop on Amy Sinibaldi’s Playground Showcase!

Playground is Amy Sinibaldi’s latest line for Art Gallery Fabrics


I had a chance to play with her latest line this spring and I have been smitten ever since.

I looked forward for moment to arrive and I already knew that I would have so much fun playing with this sweet and whimsical line!



First I called my sewing friend Kristin down the street and asked if she want to play with me.

Because it’s Playground where you play tag, hopscotch and sewing with your friends.



When I first saw this print, I wanted to draw these kids’ faces and I finally did!

I don’t know if my guess is close enough, if the top girl is a tomboy, if they are just two boys, one with shoes and the other without.

What do you think?


I wanted to make something for Amy that only I can do. Because I could hardly compete with those amazing sewists.



And how clever is Amy to design those binding prints! These are my first pick when it comes to binding!



When I wasn’t so sure if my design is good enough, my friend Kristin told that my work is totally unique. She assured me that “it is always best to do the kind of work I do best, and not worry that it is different from the other designers.” 

I will try to remember my friend’s wise words.



I love to add that extra bit of charm – it’s like a dessert you don’t want to pass up.



<made by Kristin Esser>


When Kristin sent me a text “Done!”, my heart was beating faster and I couldn’t wait to see her work  in person.

I brought my cushion and camera to her house and had so much fun photo shooting our makes.




She has two cats and one dog and I often says I would take better picture (or more followers. 🙂 ) if I had a pet like her.

Well, in this case, I learned that nothing is for free and your pet doesn’t stay still for you when you need her. 😉

If you saw us; one girl shooting  20pictures, sweating and the other girl trying to let this cat stay under the chair for only a few seconds, I bet you would crack up, seriously.



<made by Kristin Esser>

I am very fortunate to have a friend who can sew, drink tea and hide some sweets in her pantry. 😉

And her table dressed with handmade quilts always inspires me.



I think my Playground cushion and Kristin’s quilt top makes the best sewing scene when they are together.

I should make the same quilt top to brighten my house and my hubby need to buy me this handsome chair to complete the scene. 😉

I hope you enjoyed my diary of Playground.




For more Playground inspiration, go checkout Art Gallery’s Playground Lookbook.

I was so thrilled to have my Beautiful You tags included!

Playground is now available at Fat Quarter shop and Ministry of Fabric.

I hope you will go check out the other makers through October 3rd.


SEPT    14: Katie Skoog ~

              15: Michelle Curtis ~

              16: Peta Peace ~

              17: Minki Kim ~

              19: Jemima Flendt ~

              20: Tara J Curtis ~

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              28: Shannon Fraser ~

              29: Cristi Cooper ~

              30: Guiseppe Ribaudo ~

OCT     1: Kristyne Czepuryk ~

             3: Amy Sinibaldi ~



Thanks for stopping by!




Sewing bag+pouch / Sew Illustrated giveaway Winner


Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine issue 38 features my Sewing Pouch and Sewing Bag.

You can download the template here.










Thank you so much for joining the Sew Illustrated book giveaway. I truly appreciate every comment and sharing your thoughts and time with me.

You guys are amazing friend, I wish to meet in person!!

The winner is  Diane Beavers.

Diane, big congratulations!!


xo Minki

A quilt? or a pillow? / Heartland collection


“Want to play with Heartland collection?”

I got a very sweet email from Art Gallery Fabric. I had no idea what to do with these modern and stylish fabric but I said yes, anyway.



After countless cups of coffee and chocolate covered cookies, I came up with this mini quilt idea.

I wasn’t sure if I am going to the right direction since my work so far were mostly a generous amount of space for my signature sewing illustration. I hardly could squeeze in my drawing anywhere!

So I finished as it is and still doubt until……



My 10 year daughter Chloe was passing by and said,

“Can you make me two? I love it!!”



Then I looked again with a triumphant confidence,

“I love it too!!” 🙂


I used Heartland Collection by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabric.

Thank you for this fun chance, AGF!


xo Minki