Riversible Trinket Bowl


I got a happy mail from F+W Media a few days ago.

Mini Patchwork Projects is a light book which includes 6 projects.(48pages)

Most of them are simple yet fun projects you can finish in one day.



I decided to make a Reversible Trinket Bowl from the book.

In the book, you need only two cotton prints for inside and outside of the bowl but I wanted to give my own twist, my signature Sewing Illustration!



First, I copied the template and cut  light weight fusible interfacing, roughly bigger than the template

And placed my Sewing Illustration piece with cute fabric scraps from my friend Stacy Olson on top of fusible side.

*Thank you Stacy for sending me a bag of fabric scraps!



Then iron them to fuse.  And then secure by simply zigzag stitch.



Isn’t it cute by itself? It  reminds me of an old story I read in my childhood.

A crow envied other colorful and beautiful birds so much so one day she gathered all the feathers from other birds and put them on her body.

No one recognized her and all the other birds thought she is  the most beautiful bird.

Do you know that story? I think I got all the pretty pieces in one place and it created unexpected beauty.

I am always grateful for my friends who send me a bag of pretty feathers. 😉



It’s unplanned and that’s where the charm is, like when you draw with your sewing machine.

What do you think?



I honestly didn’t expect much, but I really like how they came out!



mini-patchwork-project_fw-6 mini-patchwork-project_fw-7 mini-patchwork-project_fw-8  mini-patchwork-project_fw-10 mini-patchwork-project_fw-11 mini-patchwork-project_fw-12

I think I am going to make many more fabric bowls because cute things always look better 2, 4, 6 and more!

And it’s super easy to make and a great gift idea!

By the way, my 6 year Claire already took the bowl for her dolly play. She said it’s good for her dolly bath tub!

Like mother like daughter, she has more ideas than me. 😉


*Check out my Fabric scrap upsycle TEA MAT tutorial for more fabric scrap reuse idea!


Hope you have a bowl-rich weekend!

xo Minki



How to make a bookmark


7 o’clock in the morning my Chloe’s friend knocked the door to go to school together.

They sat on the dining table and chatted about the school, teachers, bugging boys and sort of 10 year old stuff.

“My first grade teacher hated me. She didn’t even let me go pee.”

“My first grade teacher liked me and my second grade teacher loved me and……”

They were cute and I got to know that she was loved by all the teachers in her 6 years of school life.


Then I had an idea to show my gratitude for her teacher; making one of kind bookmarks!



Finished size: 6″ x 3″

What you will need:

-a scrap of linen-like fabric (I bought at JoAnn.)

-scraps of pretty fabrics (Pink floral is SevenBerry from Ministry of Fabric.)

-stamps (my Beautiful You set is available at Altenew.), a acrylic block (I bought at Michaels.)

Color Box Erasable Fabric Inkpad

-light weight fusible web. (I use Steam-A-Seam2.)

-cotton batting

-at least 7″ x 4″ print fabric for backing

-embroidery floss

-ribbon or string


1. Sew linen and pink fabric together. Fuze red floral strip using fusible web as an accent.

Trim into 6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ (1/4″ seam included.)


2. Using Color Box Erasable Inkpad, Stamp each design on desired place.


3. You can see the image clearly.


4. Place the batting under the tag. Outline designs with your sewing machine.

I set the stitch length 1.0 and thread Aurifil dark violet 50 weight.(1240)

After finishing, wash the fabric with water to remove the blue ink. Press it to dry.


5. Following the same steps, prepare the backing too.


6. I had to use hand soap to wash away the remain ink completely.

As my experience, the ink goes away but you have to lightly rub.

*Do not expect you can erase the ink by simply spraying the water. (That’s what I thought in first place!)


7. Place the backing and the front together, right sides facing, sew all the way but leave a hole for turning.

Trim the batting and clip every corner. Turn right side out, close and press well.



8. Punch a whole using a Crop-A-Dile.

Hand stitch to using three strands of Cosmo Embroidery threads.

This Color Box Erasable Fabric Inkpad is definitely a good buy.

I would recommend to test on your fabric before start.


I hope you make one of a kind bookmarks for someone special. 🙂

I am going to surprise my Chloe’s teacher tomorrow.





A book from Korea


My dear friend, Suhobi‘s book “Suhobi’s Polymer Clay” has published in Korea. After long waiting and excitement, I finally met the book today.

She generously included her precious time and effort together. Her signature Polymer Clay buttons!!



Unfortunately, this book isn’t available on Amazon.  And she doesn’t sell her buttons.

If you are looking for polymer clay buttons, check out The Button Company.


suhobi-3 suhobi-4   suhobi-7 suhobi

I have been so fortunate to use her buttons on my projects that gives extra shine.

And I am very grateful of knowing her and calling each other a friend.


Thank you, my friend for visiting.




Three years back, very first pincushions



I found these pictures in my old photo file today. These are my very first attempt to make tiny pincushions almost 3 years ago.

I guess my skill hasn’t changed much. I remember that I was so excited of this ‘Sewing Illustration’ adventure; finding new technique and it seemed like I always don’t have enough time to draw so many ideas in my mind.

After three years, I am suffering lack of ideas and I feel I am suck where I am now.

Hubby advices me to take a break and slow down. Well, I think I really have to listen to him and take my homemaker job that I have neglected for long while. 😉








This cooking pot is the first pincushion I made in my pincushion history. I didn’t know what to name it.

I wasn’t really happy with the pot so I added hand stitch on the bottom. Now I think it’s better without that zigzag stitches. What do you think?


Look, my sewing machine was better before than now!

My advice to you is that you think you need practice but what you are drawing now is fresher than any day later!

And try to take a good picture of them. I don’t have these pincushion anymore and all I have left is dull images.


Thanks for visiting me.



Knit Pouch


Quilt Festival; Quilt Scene magazine is now on newsstands and my Knit Pouch is featured.


An awesome editor Vivica sent me this beautiful Heather Ross collection from Spring Quilt market and I was able to finish this knit pouch.


There’s a few things you hardly learn or keep forgetting. Knitting and Crochet are one of them.

Every winter season, I search up YouTube channels and blog step photos to get to know the basic of knitting, and by the time spring comes or while enjoying summer, I totally forget what I have learned.

So sadly, I am always a beginner in knitting world. Now you can imagine how much I admire those knitters who make all kind of soft and fluffy goods.

And I tell myself, “you can buy them with cheaper price.” How sad!

Anyway, I wanted to make a knit pouch to pamper myself and to store my beautiful yarns. (Don’t ask me why I keep buying them. A basketful of yarns are my winter decoration and beauty shot friendly.)



For the inside of flap, I used Lecien fabric, Memorie A Paris collection.



This pouch is actually my first version. I made this for my knitter and quilter friend, Kristin.

As I don’t know how to knit, I asked her to knit this cute little swatch for me(actually for her).



Which version do you like better? I think it would be good to have both, one for spring /summer and one for autumn/winter.

We all know that we never have enough pouches. 🙂


I drew the knitting needles and quote with my Bernina sewing machine.

With Aurifil wool thread, I was able to fake hand embroidery. Doesn’t it look like a hand embroidery to you? 🙂



To learn how to make this pouch, get your copy of Quilt Scene magazine at your local bookstore or online.


Happy sewing!




Autumn Table Topper


Nightfall Collection designed by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabric.

They are available to purchase at Fat Quarter Shop.



Finished size: 25.5 inch square

Material used:

Heartland fabric for binding

Warm natural batting

Linen from Art Gallery Fabric

Aurifil 4649 (40wt.) variegated thread for machine quilting

Aurifil 3817 (12wt.) variegated thread for hand quilting













To view more of Nightfall projects, please check out Nightfall Lookbook.