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2016. 11. 28. Monday

My mom sent me a box of Korean food and her food from. She spent $160 for shipping.



2016. 11. 29. Tuesday



2016. 11. 30. Wednesday



2016. 12. 1. Thursday



2016. 12. 2. Friday



2016. 12. 3. Saturday



2016. 12. 4. Sunday

There is an old lady who makes this patchwork cover and sell for $10 in Korea. One of my blog friend bought 20 covers from her and sent me one.

Her work made me realize how fortunate I am and decide to spend my time wisely and gratefully.



Rose Bouquet Quilt


I have always wished to take a picture of a big quilt as many other quilters do whenever I passes by this road.

And today is the day I made my wish finally come true! 🙂



And you may guess, my next wish is to hang a bigger quilt as other quilters do. lol


This Blithe collection designed by Katarina Roccella is perfect for winter sewing; quilts and any zakka makes.



And this time I really did my “Quilt as desired”. 😉

If you are scared of drawing roses, my tip is, to draw only two roses – one big and one small – Copy and paste with different color prints.

Even the leaves, I drew only three different shapes. You need to be clever when you draw complicated elements.



And my other tip is, to arrange from dark colors to light colors as you use “fade away”effect whey you use your camera.

I tried to make this look like a watercolor by using different depth of color prints and avoid using dark thread.







My very first “big” quilt got so much love from my girls, it’s already in Chloe’s room.

Now I understand why quilters keep sewing big quilts.




Blithe collection from Art Gallery Fabric

Aurifil 12-weight thread for outlining rose bouquet and 50-weight thread for quilting

Warm & white batting

Bernina PE350 




Rose Bouquet Table runner


“Mom, your roses are upside down!”

That’s the first comment I heard about my Rose Bouquet runner.

Did you feel the same? 🙂

I have a basketful of dry flowers and yellow roses are my favorite. So here I am, quilted dry flowers!







I used Aurifil 12wt thread for my sewing illustration.




Summer Garden Tapestry from Art Gallery Fabric


Dear diary


2016. 11. 14. Monday


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2016. 11. 16. Wednesday


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2016. 11. 20. Sunday






Quilt Petite Blog Hop



Hello, friends!

Today is my stop at Quilt Petite Blog Hop and I’m so excited to share my project from this beautiful book.


I have known Sedef Imer for as long as I can remember. I love everything she makes because of her color choices, her attention to details, and stunning photography. There are so many things I want to learn from this lady. Without a doubt, I was so thrilled when I found out her first book QUILT PETITE is published!



I have been looking through her book from cover to cover almost every day to choose a project and as an eye candy while my coffee break.

As my dear friend Wynn mentioned, this book speaks wonders of how small patchwork sewing can bring joy daily life! Thanks Wynn for the line I was looking for! 😉

I finally decided to make “Bon Appetit Placemat” with my own twist.





When my co-author friend Kristin came over today, I showed her my placemat and she particularly liked this little piece of print between the binding.

“How did you think of this?!” she cried.

To be honest, it wasn’t planned in the beginning. When I almost finished the binding, I found out  my linen bining is 2″ short! So I attached the leftover peice. I would like call it a pretty accident. 😉



I drew a srawberry pie with my Bernina 350PE sewing machine.

This time I used Aurifil 50weight threads (brown, yellow, pink, white and red).

I outlined first and filled inside later. I would recommend the opposit way if you want to try.

Sevenberry fabrics and Dear Stella fabrics are from Ministry Fabrics.



My little girl is always excited when mama makes something because it means she would have more dolly stuff. She measured one of her dolls and said it’s perfect for a doll blanket.

Hmm, I should have made “Hexie Doll Quilt” from the book.


Sedef will be giving away a book+fabrics+lots zakka goodies at the end of the blog tour so do stop by her blog!

Everyday from today till December 11, there will be a super talented blogger sharing what she has made from the book.

Here’s the list for the Quilt Petite Blog Hop:

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You can buy this fantastic book from Book Depository and Amazon.

Thank you Sedef for inviting me to join your book writing journey. You nailed it, girl! For writing such a wonderful book! And thank you Tuva Publishing for sending the book!xx

Dear diary


2016. 10. 31. Monday


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2016. 11. 6. Sunday








Handmade love from a friend


My old blog friend Savina sent me her handmade dolls from Korea for my three girls.

As far as I know, she’s almost my mom’s age and she has been making dolls for many years for the kids in Africa.

She doesn’t sell them nor get any material provides either. She spends her time and money for the people she hasn’t met and maybe never will. In her card she wrote her only wish is to see those kids grow up and still keep her dolls. And for that simple wish, she makes each doll very carefully and very firmly. I was so surprise when I touched her doll for the firmness of the body! It was like a hard rock! Her dolls will definately go for hundreds years.

While I was reading her card, no, actually very the first moment I opened the box, I was almost cry.

I think it’s the power of handmade gifts. You can imagine the countless hours and love someone put in this physical material and it become more than a thing, it becomes something invaluable, something that makes you decide to be a better person.


As I get older, I realized that the most expensive thing is time and I am quite selfish to share my time with others.

Whenever I receive something handmade or invited to an homemade dinner, I want to be a good person. I want to live like that person who shares one’s very important thing with other people.





My girls are at school at the moment and I am very excited to surprise them.

Shall I let them play with or shall I keep these dolls in a safe shelf? I want to see my girls giggle but I am afraid if it gets stain or ruined.

It’s happy yet hard decision I have to make. What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get a nice surprise or surprise someone with your handmades.

Minki x