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      Today my pincushion tutorial is up on We All Sew, Bernina blog. My very first attempt for this stuffed mini cushion was almost 4 years ago. I wanted to use a basket full of pretty fabric scraps and my sewing illustration technique. So I started to draw little images I could think of on the linen pieces…… Find more story and you can download my free pincushions pattern as well. I hope you enjoy reading my pincushion story.   Minki xxRead More →

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A long long time ago, when I didn’t have my own blog, when I didn’t know that there was something called Instagram, I found one beautiful picture on the internet. That picture led me to continuous clicks and I finally found a blog called “Cafenohut”. Ever since that moment, Cafenohut was saved in my bookmark bar and Cafenohut Pinterest was my eye candy jar. I thought this blogger was a genius and that belief hasn’t changed a bit! Ayda Algin, the lady was like a movie star to me. I wished to know her better and to say hi, if there’s a way. I never knew thisRead More →

2017. 5. 1. Monday Daddy’s homemade strawberry sundae for girls on hot day   2017. 5. 2. Tuesday Claire’s dolly birthday party   2017. 5. 3. Wednesday The first strike off of my debut fabric collection, Dear diary   2017. 5. 4. Thursday My project featured magazines were delivered.   2017. 5. 5. Friday A bouquet hubby brought home and a white flower from backyard   2017. 5. 6. Saturday Chloe baked & made her own five layer birthday cake.   2017. 5. 7. Sunday Breakfast for hubby    Read More →

It’s May already! Are you enjoying beautiful May? It’s my daughter’s birthday month and my girls are already waiting for the summer break. I like vacation because I don’t need to worry about lunch menu (all my three girls don’t like school lunch.) but I don’t like them fighting. lol May is a very busy and fun month at the same time, any way. My Shine your light tote bag was featured on Homespun magazine May issue and that makes this month more fun, for sure.         One side has a big pocket and   the other side has a small pocket.Read More →

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Today is a good day to call a friend for a little tea time. Double your tea time by adding handmade touch. Pop on a tea cozy to keep things toasty while the tea is brewing. It will always keep your tea warm between cups! My Spring tea time set tutorial is on WeAllSew, Bernina blog. Check out instructions with step-by-step photos and my hand-drawn patterns.                 Happy weekend, Minki    Read More →

Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine issue 47 is out in UK and available to digital download today. My sew illustrated Hexie Quilt is inside.   photo by Love Patchwork and Quilting   My sewing themed illustrations are inside of the magazine.   You need these many hexies to make the mini quilt.   And do you remember my old sew-illustrated hexies?   I made  this mini quilt first and then sewing themed one later for LP&Q. I was inspired by Nicole’s modern hexies.   Fabric and Notions used: Lecien fabrics Aurifil 28wt dark thread, 50wt neutral thread Warm & White batting    Read More →

2017. 4. 17. Monday   2017. 4. 18. Tuesday Quilts and More magazine 2017 Summer issue   2017. 4. 19. Wednesday     2017. 4. 20. Thursday     2017. 4. 21. Friday     2017. 4. 22. Saturday     2017. 4. 23. Sunday              Read More →

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  I have made countless number of bags and pouches so far. However, whenever I need to pack for a few days of family trip, I couldn’t find the right size bag! That’s because I love to make small cute pouches and a bag for a bookstore or brunch date. When I saw this Tilda’s newest  Circus collection, the first idea came up was to make a big fag getaway bag.     It was hard to choose which motif to recreate from the prints. An Eliphant, birds, romantic flowers…anything would go perfectly for the focal point. My choice was a ballerina with umbrella. CanRead More →

Make It Yourself magazine spring/summer issue is out and my projects are inside! 🙂   Simple strawberry zipper pouch   And a set of four coasters. *Used with permission from Make It Yourself™ magazine. ©2017 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.   Fabric and notions: Lecien fabrics Aurifil threads, 28wt and 12wt Warm and Natural Cotton quilt batting Fusible cotton batting: Daily like Canada          Read More →

2017. 4. 3. Monday     2017. 4. 4. Tuesday Painted by Caylin, 13 years old.   2017. 4. 5. Wednesday     2017. 4. 6. Thursday     2017. 4. 7. Friday     2017. 4. 8. Saturday Next door grandma’s birthday party setting for her grand daughter   2017. 4. 9. Sunday        Read More →

Thank you for joining me for my stop on Bountiful Blog Tour. I am so excited to show you all my cute babies! Bountiful is Sharon Holland‘s newest fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.   My original plan was to make a pillow; a little patchwork with my signature sewing illustration together. But the background fabric I received was misplaced. I had to think about plan B. I was panic because I didn’t have plan B!! The next day, my sneaky idea was to make one potholder and call it a day. I picked my favorite prints  and make one potholder. It was too cute toRead More →

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