More ideas from Diary in Stitches

More ideas from Diary in Stitches

Hello friends,

I would like to share various project ideas that you can create using motifs from my book DIARY IN STITCHES.


This is the first sewing machine cover and I changed the design for the book.

Choose your preferred design and add your own twist. That’s the charm of my book, Mix and Match!



I wanted to show how you can use for hand embroidery instead of machine applique.

I think it’s equally charming. If you are hand emboridery expert, your sewing case will be even more beautiful!


It’s just perfect size so I can bring to swimming pool or my friend’s house for a tea time.

You can enlarged the pattern if you need a  bigger case.


It’s one of My Kitchen series. I enlarged the pattern 120% and made two pot holders.



For some quiet weekend morning, isn’t it good to hand stitch and enjoy this end of summer?




For the sewing illustration beginners, I drew this simple ribbon motif. Practice a ribbon and finish as a pincushion.

And then make a zipper pouch and a quilt. I bet you will be a pro at sewing ilustraion by that time!!

I hope you enjoyed my project ideas and hopefully inspired.


You can get Diary in Stitches on Amazon,, Barnse and Noble and your online quiltshops.


Thank you!

Minki xx



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  1. Hello Minki, Creative one!! Such a beautiful book! I have read your book page by page and taken in the gorgeous makes and dreamed of which one I shall start first and then which one will be next. If my projects turn out half as beautiful as yours I will be happy! Such a happy post with dreamy pictures. Something I love about those pears. Maybe the simplicity of them but then the words are perfect.
    Have an amazing week dear friend!!

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