Hello friends,

Thank you for stopping by. Let’s have a girls day at the park with Five and Dime, Heidi Staples 

Debut collection for Penny Rose Fabrics.


As soon as I received this fresh new fabric, I knew I would make a bag.

I made a big fat tote bag without thinking hard and I love how it came out.

How about you? What project do you have in mind?


Claire and I packed the bag with toys and snacks,  went to the park, found a pretty spot and started to play.




This is my trusty bag for any occassion. I think I can use it for my quilt trip (if it happens in the future), for the beach, even for grocery shopping. (I don’t think I would bring this bag to my Trader Joe’s visit though.)


I took the fake leather flap from my very old bag and used. It’s already torn one side so I think it’s a successful upcycling.


I had to show you the pretty inside! I would like to make a skirt for my girl with the same fabric. What do you think?







I noticed last winter that Heidi has a fabric collection coming out. After long patient waiting, all my high expectations got paid off when I finally saw this collection in person.  Her fun retro prints are loved by everybody in my family including my oldest daughter who’s hard to please.

Five and Dime is available to order at Sunny Day Supply

Notions used:

Soft and Stable foam batting, zipper, Polypro Strapping : ByAnnie.com 

Aurifil neutral color 50weight , pink and blue color 12weight for topstitching


Check out the entire line up. You will find an endless possiblity!

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8/1 – Elea at Elea Lutz Design
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8/3 – Amy at DIary of a Quilter
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8/5 – Heidi at Fabric Mutt


Thanks for staying! Hope your August is starting off great!

Minki xx


  1. I love this line and what you’ve done with it! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for it in my local fabric store…soon I hope!

    1. Author

      Hi Susan,
      I hope you found the Five and Dime collection at your local fabric store. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  2. Super cute bag. Nice upcycle with the pocket closure:)

    1. Author

      Hi Hannah,

      I try to save the cute zippers or the hardware parts from old bags. I wish to have nice leather handles for another bag project. haha..

    1. Author

      Hi EZGI,
      Thanks for your kind comments. Now I worry if my little model grow too fast.

  3. Do you have a pattern for the bag? I love it. I have also waited for the line to come out for a long time. The link you had in your email is all sold out already. Phooey, now the search is on.

    1. Author

      I am afraid that I didn’t make the pattern.
      Go to fabricmutt.blogspot.com.
      she linked where to buy her fabric.
      I hope that’s helpful. 🙂

  4. It is huuuge and just perfect! Love how your bag turned out and the upcycling is spot on! You’d never get out of Trader Joe’s if you took your bag there because everybody would stop to ask where you got it!

    1. Author

      I love your sense of humor, Elise!
      I treasure you!!

    1. Author

      Hi Jan, it was so much fun and I made anothe bag using same fabric. I can’t wait to show you.. !

    1. Author

      Hi Alison,
      I used to love making small pouches but now big bag is on of my favourite project. Now I need getaway. 😉

  5. Cute bag, I love the pocket closure.

    1. Author

      Hi Vicki,
      Thanks! I had to add a pocket closure because it’s huge pocket. I saved my yellow bag just in case, for another bag project. 😉

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