My Valentine’s Day tags were featured in Homespun magazine February 2016.

I am so happy that I can share my patterns finally. It’s available for purchase at


This bunny is not included because it’s drawn by Claire when she was 5. 😉

She has been giving me many other bunnies but this is my favorite. Kids drawings rapidly changes and gets fancy; all of sudden every eye has long eyelashes and simple hands gets five fingers and even nails! This is not good for mama to recreate. 🙁








My dear friend Sedef made using the pattern inside the magazine last year and it’s one of my favorite picture.


It’s always fun to be an early bird like making a project for Valentine’s day in January.

I hope to see your version of love tags, my friend.






    1. Author

      Thanks sweet friend!

  1. Love these! My first attempt at Sewing illustration was a tag – not perfect but I put it on my keyring to make finding keys at the bottom of my bag easier and its still there. A little worse for wear but still doing its job! THank you for your inspiration, generosity and kind encouragement Minki! So happy to see your little business grow and grow!

    1. Author

      Hi Ann,
      I am so lucky to find you and I hope you feel the same. I love your picture of British every day and wish I was there once. Hope you know that you are in my thought, my friend.

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