It’s May already!

Are you enjoying beautiful May? It’s my daughter’s birthday month and my girls are already waiting for the summer break.

I like vacation because I don’t need to worry about lunch menu (all my three girls don’t like school lunch.) but I don’t like them fighting. lol

May is a very busy and fun month at the same time, any way.

My Shine your light tote bag was featured on Homespun magazine May issue and that makes this month more fun, for sure.





One side has a big pocket and


the other side has a small pocket. Which side do you call a front? For me I like this side a tiny bit more. 😉


To help anyone can try sewing illustration, I designed a very simple rose and enlarged the size. Doesn’t it look easy to try? Go go!!


Comapre to this rose. I made this bag first and liked it a lot. But my girl said it looked like a grandma’s bag. So I tried ‘modern style’ right after. That’s how my Shine your light tote was born. Isn’t it good to have three critics in the family? Not always though. 😉


I love to hide little details here and there. That’s why I enjoy making bags and pouches even though I don’t need that many bags.


Just like that! Big bag must have a small pocket for iphone! Don’t you agree? ^^


Fabrics and notions used:

Lecien fabrics

Medium weight fusible batting: Dailylike Canada

Aurifil 12wt white & gray color threads





  1. Oh I love it and I buy the magazine.. I hope that I will try to make it on summer 🙂

    I admire your project..

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thanks! You got a good taste for bags. haha..
      Hope you enjoy lovely day.
      Minki xx

  2. Miki this is so gorgeous! You have such a talent for making beautiful things! I can’t wait to get your upcoming fabric collection!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      I have kept reading your comment over and over and got happy! Thanks for your cheerful words. You made many of my days! Mini xx

  3. Oh, it’s wonderful! I have to make that one, for sure!

    Congrats on the inclusion in the magazine!

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Thank you for your kind words. It always makes me happy and want to try harder. Have a happy day! Minki xx

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