I have always wished to take a picture of a big quilt as many other quilters do whenever I passes by this road.

And today is the day I made my wish finally come true! 🙂



And you may guess, my next wish is to hang a bigger quilt as other quilters do. lol


This Blithe collection designed by Katarina Roccella is perfect for winter sewing; quilts and any zakka makes.



And this time I really did my “Quilt as desired”. 😉

If you are scared of drawing roses, my tip is, to draw only two roses – one big and one small – Copy and paste with different color prints.

Even the leaves, I drew only three different shapes. You need to be clever when you draw complicated elements.



And my other tip is, to arrange from dark colors to light colors as you use “fade away”effect whey you use your camera.

I tried to make this look like a watercolor by using different depth of color prints and avoid using dark thread.







My very first “big” quilt got so much love from my girls, it’s already in Chloe’s room.

Now I understand why quilters keep sewing big quilts.




Blithe collection from Art Gallery Fabric

Aurifil 12-weight thread for outlining rose bouquet and 50-weight thread for quilting

Warm & white batting

Bernina PE350 





  1. I love your tip to just draw two roses and copy them! Simple and efficient!

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