I got a happy mail from F+W Media a few days ago.

Mini Patchwork Projects is a light book which includes 6 projects.(48pages)

Most of them are simple yet fun projects you can finish in one day.



I decided to make a Reversible Trinket Bowl from the book.

In the book, you need only two cotton prints for inside and outside of the bowl but I wanted to give my own twist, my signature Sewing Illustration!



First, I copied the template and cut  light weight fusible interfacing, roughly bigger than the template

And placed my Sewing Illustration piece with cute fabric scraps from my friend Stacy Olson on top of fusible side.

*Thank you Stacy for sending me a bag of fabric scraps!



Then iron them to fuse.  And then secure by simply zigzag stitch.



Isn’t it cute by itself? It  reminds me of an old story I read in my childhood.

A crow envied other colorful and beautiful birds so much so one day she gathered all the feathers from other birds and put them on her body.

No one recognized her and all the other birds thought she is  the most beautiful bird.

Do you know that story? I think I got all the pretty pieces in one place and it created unexpected beauty.

I am always grateful for my friends who send me a bag of pretty feathers. 😉



It’s unplanned and that’s where the charm is, like when you draw with your sewing machine.

What do you think?



I honestly didn’t expect much, but I really like how they came out!



mini-patchwork-project_fw-6 mini-patchwork-project_fw-7 mini-patchwork-project_fw-8  mini-patchwork-project_fw-10 mini-patchwork-project_fw-11 mini-patchwork-project_fw-12

I think I am going to make many more fabric bowls because cute things always look better 2, 4, 6 and more!

And it’s super easy to make and a great gift idea!

By the way, my 6 year Claire already took the bowl for her dolly play. She said it’s good for her dolly bath tub!

Like mother like daughter, she has more ideas than me. 😉


*Check out my Fabric scrap upsycle TEA MAT tutorial for more fabric scrap reuse idea!


Hope you have a bowl-rich weekend!

xo Minki




  1. so adorable – love your sewing illustration touches ♥

    1. Author

      Hi, Leanne,
      So sweet of you! Thanks for your sweet comments!

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