Quilts and More Spring issue hit the news stands and my Kitchen Caddy project is inside.

*photo was used with the permission from Quilts and More. Copyright Meredith Corporation 2017, all right reserved.

Total 7 pages of illustrated instructions + actual size pattern will help you sew your own caddy so easy.

I just got my Kitchen Caddy back  from the publisher today and my kitchen is just like this picture. (except I need to fill in with pretty kitchen tools. And oh, that hexagon tiles! I even searched up HomeDepot. )

I loved the photo so very much so I looked up the photographer’s name. It’s Marty Baldwin.  It’s must be he, right?

Thank you Marty, in case you happen to read my blog. 🙂



My friend Kristin and I were having brunch at Corner Bakery the other day and we talked about our “thing”.

I complained that how hard to sew triangles and match every corners. Quilt is not my thing so being featured in Quilts and More is so rare chance because I struggle to fit in that small “more” area.

Kristin said that she downloaded my Strawberry Mini pattern and tried to transfer couple of strawberries. She gave up indeed and went back to her quilt. FYI, her triangle quilts is going to be featured in Quilts and More magazine in the future.

My honest advise to her was that her work fits in those gigantic “Quilt” area so keep working on!!

She thanked me and paid for my banana pancakes and cappuccino. haha.


Hey, if you want any advice from me, we should meet up at Corner Bakery. 🙂


Thanks for reading my Korean-English.

You guys make me brave not to worry about gramma and other mistakes. My Korean writing is pretty good though.

Minki xx






  1. I bought it just for your caddy ! I love your work. and your writing.

    1. Oh Cecile, you made my Saturday morning at Coffee bean. 🙂 I am enjoying my first coffee now and your message added a spoonful of sugar. That changes everything. Xoxo

  2. Haha! I so wish I could meet you at the Corner Bakery…. but its just a bit too far to travel!!! wink wink! But I’m happy to meet you here Minki. I’ll have to see if I can find a stockist of the magazine over here. I’m making a little collection of your published projects in a file now – its growing fast!! x

    1. Haha, that’s the most fun project list I ever heard!
      meeting you here is always so sweet and makes me grateful! Thank you for being my company!!

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