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I love old jeans especially my girls’ old jeans. It has all the stories that any imitations hardly look alike.

The imitations I mean all the fake antiques made in China. They may look good in a distance but you immediately realize how cheap it is.

Long story short, that is how I love all the aged things including my daughters worn jeans. 🙂



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Step1. Place a hardboard on a jean leg and measure. Cut out the jean leg align 1inch each side.


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Step2. Save labels, pockets, any cute  things. They could be unique embellishments for your journal.


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Step3.Hand stitch the label to decorate. You can sew any fabric scraps to make plain cover pretty.


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Step4.Place a hardboard on jean with wrong side up. Glue on hardboard and cover with the other side of jean. Stretch evenly to prevent any winkles.


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Step5.Fold in aligns and glue. Cover with decorated jean. Make a pair.

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Step6. Sew all the way around with sewing machine and trim.



After making 4 jean journals, jean bags and jean pouches, We don’t have any old jeans left to upcycle. I have got to ask friends and neighbor,

“Do you have any old jeans you don’t wear any more?”


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