Hello friends,

My new Mama’s Insulated Lunch Bag YouTube tutorial and PDF pattern are released!

They are stylish lunch bag for kids and adults. My daughter doesn’t like her wide bottom lunch bag that doesn’t fit in here backpack so I came up with this shape! They love their new lunch bag and can’t wait to go back to school in September!

Skill level: Intermediate / Advanced
Total of 13 pages
The pattern has instructions, bag template and all color step-by-step pictures
*Please watch my YouTube tutorial:

Finished size
Big bag: 8”(20cm) wide x 9”(23cm) high x 4”(10cm) deep
Small bag: 8’’(20cm) wide x 7’’(18cm) high x 4’’(10cm) deep

Materials and Supplies
• Gingham quilting cotton: 1/2 yard for main exterior
• Contrasting quilting cotton: 1/4 yard for contrasting exterior bottom
• Canvas fabric: 10’’ square (or denim)
• Quilting cotton: 1/2 yard for lining
• Quilting cotton: 1/8 yard for binding
• Insulated batting: 1/2 yard, such as Insul-Bright
• Woven fusible interfacing: 10’’square, such as Pellon SF101
• Zipper: 25’’(63cm), #5 nylon *Double slide zipper is in my shop.


  1. Hello, what sewing machine do you use?

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