I am having fun playing with watercolor lately. Just a simple touch of red and green watercolors on white paper gives an awesome result.

I try to avoid using special stamper’s supplies, such as embossing powder, heat tool and a watermark ink pad. Instead, I borrowed a white crayon from my daughter’s pencil case.

An inexpensive white crayon does all the wonder to tell you the truth.  Just sketch with the crayon and color with your brush. You don’t need to be artistic to draw a strawberry as you see the picture how I drew strawberries. I think I would stick with my palette and brush for a while. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize how fun watercolor is!!



Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 4.00.32 PM


1. Draw couple of strawberries with white crayon and color with watercolor brush. Paint green stems as well.

2. Cut out strawberries and stems.

3. Using foam tape, adhere strawberries on the card stock and attach stem on top of strawberry with glue.

4. With sewing machine, sew  stamped message on the card stock.




  1. Yay! I figured out how to comment! I love this card. It is so simple but so pretty. I’ve never wanted to make cards before, but I think I might want to try it!


    1. Author

      there you go!!
      I’ve never wanted to make quilts before, but you made me feel like to quit as well!!

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