my Patch Box Pouch PDF pattern is in my shop.

Watch my YouTube tutorial.


  1. A patch box pouch is a very practical and useful thing to have. You can use it to store all the patches of your kid’s scouts troop or even your own bicycle racing club. This way all the kids in your kid’s troop, as well as you, knows where to find the special patches that only you wear when you go on a trek or go racing. Must you follow this and get more new ways for the repair of siding. It will also help them to clean up their bags, which kids tend to leave scattered around the place without knowing that their bag for one day becomes their bags for the whole week.

  2. Hello, May I ask what size squares you are using? Ty

  3. My girlfriend actually tried to make a patch box pouch when I showed her this video . After miserably failed by three time she succeeded to make a decent pouch.

  4. Ooohhh I am in love with these! Your colour combinations are beautiful!

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