My very first quilt class was from a small quilt shop near my house almost 20 years ago. I learned how to hand sew four patches and found out that I was good at sewing! I wish I had this book when I was first learning to quilt! It shows you all the possibilities from basic patterns to the most adventurous designs. This book helps me to challenge myself to become an even more skilled quilter!

The third edition includes more than 4000 pieced quilt blocks and 161 of them are new. They are also presented in full color. You can view a sample page below.

It comes in color, AND in black and white, as you can see by the sample illustrations. That way the coloring can be suggested, or you can go hog-wild, coloring up your own blocks.

  • Electric Quilt, the publisher, is currently offering 30% off the book if customers “pre-order” it on their website by November 24 . I’m just telling you this, so that in case you are not the lucky winner, you can still have the opportunity to take advantage of the 30% pre-order discount. Details here:
  • EQ expects to start shipping the book December 1, 2020. Perfect for holiday giving. (And yes, I plan to have a Christmas holiday this year, and although more kilos may join the Covid kilos, it will still be worth it.)
  • If you want any other information about the book, they have general info at their website, such as FAQs, a blog post, and reviews (maybe you’ll see mine there?) Click to head there:


  1. This is an excellent book. WOW
    Years ago, my mom gave me several wonderful books of quilting and it included the history of quilting as well, displaying some very very old samples.

    This book would make a wonderful gift

  2. I would LOVE this book! We use the old version when documenting quilts for our historical group. This version would make it so much easier!!!! Fingers crossed!

  3. I would love to own this great reference book!

  4. I have been looking at this book since Electric Quilt talked about it.

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