Dear Diary

Dear Diary


2016. 4. 25. Monday

Kindergarten Field trip to Santa Barbara Zoo. I got to ride a yellow school bus for the first time in my life.



2016. 4. 26. Tuesday

My 6year Claire often sends text message to her teacher and Mrs.R always always answers back.


backyard roses

2016. 4. 27. Wednesday

I got a happy mail from Germany.



2016. 4. 28. Thursday

Brunch with my friend and it was time well spent.



2016. 4. 29. Friday

It is the hardest thing to pick a bag of candy for a 6 year old.



2016. 4. 30. Saturday

Hubby spent $36 for desserts.



2016. 5. 1. Sunday

So far I have made three same bags to find out the best instruction.




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