Dear diary

Dear diary

2017. 12. 25. Monday


2017. 12. 26. Tuesday


2017. 12. 27. Wednesday


2017. 12. 28. Thursday

left: my drawing 6years ago

right: my daughter Caylin’s Christmas gift


2017. 12. 29. Friday


2017. 12. 30. Saturday


2017. 12. 31. Sunday













  1. Lovely post Minki! Love the Thursday picture. That has to warm your heart!Hope your Christmas was Merry and You have a grand 2018.
    Have a great week sweet lady!

    1. Author

      Have you listened my Podcast interview? You are one of them who encourages me to keep this photo diary. Thank you my awesome reader!!

      1. Yes I have! I so enjoyed it! I had to listen to it twice because it would not play correct the first time. Loved learning about you and the progression of your amazing talent. I hope there are more podcasts in the future!! You are so sweet Minki! Listening to you on the Podcast you are so humble and down to earth. Just like I figured you would be!!!

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