2017. 10. 16. Monday



2017. 10. 17. Tuesday



2017. 10. 18. Wednesday



2017. 10. 19. Thursday



2017. 10. 20. Friday



2017. 10. 21. Saturday



 2017. 10. 22. Sunday





  1. Gorgeous pictures Minki! I love the moments that you seem to capture with each photo. Please tell me what are the yummy little bits from your Saturday picture? I’m always asking about your food, lol! I might have issues!!!
    Have a wonderful rest of your week dear Lady!!

    1. It’s Cheese pie, I girls calls.
      The filling is same as cheesecake and I used pastry puff from the store. It’s super easy and my girls love when it’s chilled in the refrigerater. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It’s always a pleasure to know that someone enjoys my photo diary.

  2. It looks like a very beautiful week! The two mugs for Wednesday have really nice colours and I love the Thursday photo as my son plays violin too. xox

    1. Hi Alison,
      The two mugs are a gift from my online friend.
      I am so grateful that we connect each other and build the friendship even though we haven’t met yet. 🙂

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