2017. 9. 25. Monday


2017. 9. 26. Tuesday


2017. 9. 27. Wednesday


2017. 9. 28. Thursday


2017. 9. 29. Friday


2017. 9. 30. Saturday


2017. 10. 1. Sunday








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  2. Hello Minki!
    I hope your week is going good. How you manage to get everything done that you do in a week is impressive! Would you mind to come to my house and cook a few of your delicious looking meals?! Oh and bring those lovely flowers and some of your gorgeous quilted treasures, (wink wink) lol!
    I hope you are enjoying that new sewing machine, looks awesome!!
    Have a wonderful rest of your week dear lady!

    1. Author

      Hi dearest friend Kathleen,

      I think it’s better you come and visit me than me bring all those things. haha..
      I am sure there’s a lot l need to learn from your kitchen especially, I’ve always wanted to learn how to make good soups. 🙂
      I hope you doing great until next week!!!

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