2017. 9. 11. Monday


2017. 9. 12. Tuesday


2017. 9. 13. Wednesday


2017. 9. 14. Thursday


2017. 9. 15. Friday


2017. 9. 16. Saturday


2017. 9. 17. Sunday




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  12. Great pictures Minki! I love the one of your daughter playing violin. My son too is learning violin. xxx

  13. Happy Monday Dear Minki! Your pictures are always something I look forward to each week. I hope you had a nice weekend. I’m sure you grow weary from all my questions…but is there something yummy inside those little pillows of bread that I see? Even if there isn’t I know they are probably delish!! Love the sweet yo-yo’s in the picture, they look so happy!
    Have a wonderful week dear lady 🙂

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