2017. 7. 3. Monday


2017. 7. 4. Tuesday


2017. 7. 5. Wednesday

My mom sent me her drawing, my great grandma.


2017. 7. 6. Thursday

For one best shot, I keep doing the same thing over and over but still,

often it’s not the best yet when I look back.


2017. 7. 7. Friday


2017. 7. 8. Saturday


2017. 7. 9. Sunday





  1. Congratulations to your mum, she is very talented too, like your self. xxx

    1. Author

      Thanks, Alison Ann! I will tell my mom and she will be so thrilled!

  2. Your mother’s drawing is amazing! I thought it was a photo!

    1. Author

      She is now better than me!!

  3. Hi Minki! Applause the beautiful pictures!! That drawing….ohmigoodness, you come from a very talented family, I thought that was a photograph not a drawing!!! I had to look twice and study. It is amazing!
    Wish I could come see all your beautiful makes in person. I could sit and look for hours, lol!
    I hope this is a wonderful week for you sweet lady!

    1. Author

      My mom started to attend pencil drawing class recently and it’s her first lesson in her entire life. I’ve never knew my mom could draw so well!
      I hope to host an online gallery here some day!

      You are always welcome to my sweet crafty messy home, Kathleen! xx

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